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Extensive range of beautiful gowns in Chelmsford, Essex

Planning on trying on gowns for you big day?

When visiting our shop in Chelmsford, Essex to try on bridal gowns it is best not to bring too many people with you - the more people you bring with you the more confusing it can be with everyone's varying opinions.


Please note that although we do allow children in the shop, you must keep control of them due to the fact we would not want any harm to come to them. We would also like you to note that we do not allow food or drink in the shop. We also do not allow photography in the shop.

"So friendly and helpful and relaxed! Found an amazing dress too."

- Kate Trevelyan

Don't leave ordering your gown too late!

Bridal gowns can take anything up to 6 months to arrive in the shop; we then require a further two months to fit the dress to you. So do not leave it too late to order your gown, we do not want to rush you into choosing the wrong dress. Having said that, if you only have a matter of weeks to your wedding, that doesn't cause too much of a problem, we have turned gowns round in less than a week!


We have fully qualified consultants who are there for your benefit, to listen, advise and come up with different ideas for you to try on. We have over 100 style bridal gowns in store for you to try on – we always try to have a sale rail, so bargains may be had for those on a budget. Our stock sizes range from size 10 up to a size 22 so there is a gown for everyone to try on; from plain straight gowns, to heavily encrusted jewelled full size gowns with cathedral trains.


We do not do alterations on your gown until 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding date, or travel date and the alterations costs are not included in the price of your gown (our consultants will advise you of the costs so you are aware beforehand). You will have three or four fittings in total on your bridal gown and at the last fitting we explain how to do your gown up, how to walk in it, go up and down the stairs etc. We would appreciate it if you do not bring children to the fittings as we cannot concentrate that easily if we are watching what children are up to.

Bridesmaid dresses in Chelmsford

We stock a very large collection of bridesmaid dresses (over 150 in stock), 't' length and full length in a range of 50 colours. We also stock teenage and children's dresses that match the adult dresses. Please note bridesmaid dresses can take up to 16 weeks to arrive.

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